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The Malaika had drunk off Sonam Kapoor


Bollywood item girl Malaika Arora scold in front of the fashion Queen Sonam drunk.

Malalika and Sonam KapoorBollywood director Karan Johar Malhotra fashion designer’s 51st-anniversary celebration of the joy of other actors, including Malaika Arora, Sonam kappor held Alia Bhatt also attended. , Which sounds high-profile sister in law of Salman Khan in the party and item girl Malaika Arora has drank more alcohol, she came to the difficulty in walking and come to the aid of Sonam Kapoor Actress see that these steps will flounder items grill fire became furious.

Actress Malaika Arora drunk and started screaming in anger at Sonam, Sonam which has the function of color dull silence for fear of the Manish Malhotra and Karan Johar case you did it take to move the Malaika from the party.

The actress, which is considered close to Sonam Kapoor Bollywood star Salman Khan and actress Malaika Arora relations remain strained.

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