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Mallika Sherawat gets special invite from Modi!

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Bollywood’s controversial actress Mallika Sherawat is the only Bollywood star to be invited to hear Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi speak at UNESCO.

The Murder actress couldn’t hide her excitement at the opportunity granted to her and took to Twitter, displaying a picture of the invitation card.

A source close to the actress stated,”Mallika thinks highly of Narendra Modi. She is excited that she was invited and is waiting to hear his speech.”

Mallika herself has had a brush with politics on the silver screen, on more than one occasion. She starred in Hollywood rom-com  Politics of Love. Just recently, Sherawat’s latest film Dirty Politics, opposite Om Puri, was released. She has also made statements in the past which have been related to politics and received notable coverage in the media.


Mallika seems excited enough to witness Modi make his speech at UNESCO. It seems like Sherawat’s movies might have earned the ire and criticism of conservative Indians, Modi, however, is an admirer of Mallika’s talents in the film industry!

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