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Mani also started singing Hira’s songs


No one is familiar with the diamond and gem pair counted in the successful showbiz pair of the showbiz. The funny jokes of the two love the fans a lot. But now Mani has also begun singing the lively acting of the woman.

Mani has shared a lengthy post on social networking site Instagram. Which Hira has been nominated for the Best Actress Award.

Mani praised Hira, writing that ‘there is hardly anyone in Pakistan. Who comes out as the host of a comedy show. That too in a short time.

He described the wife as the best actress and wrote: ‘The best part is that you have a good, normal, normal heartbeat before the action and after the cut.

Hira Mani shared this photo of the award and wrote that the nomination is a big deal for those who do not get the award.

Hera, on the other hand, has also expressed her love for Mani in a very romantic way.

Salman Sheikh Al-Maroof Mani, who is known for his comedy roles, married Hira in 2008.

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