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Mansha Pasha Shares Secrets We Never Know


Recently engaged social leader Jibran Nasir and actress Mansha Pasha have been the focus of social media users.

Last night, Mansha Pasha held a question-answer session on her Instagram account in which she answered interesting questions from fans.

Most questions from Madha Pasha were asked by Jabran Nasir.

Responding to questions from fans, Manasha revealed with regards to compensation that they make biryani very delicious.

Responding to a question about the first meeting with compensation, Manasha said that these stories can tell a better way.

They also added an embarrassing sticker.

On the question of marriage, he said that they do not know anything yet, everyone has to set a schedule in view of the problems.

Are Compensation Humorous? Responding, Manasha said that she is quite hilarious when she is in the mood.

One user said that you would marry a brave man from Pakistan, you both look great together.

Responding to a question about New Year’s plans, she said she wants to see peace in Kashmir this year.

He was thanked by other fans for which he thanked them.

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