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Marwa Abuse Case artist demand public execution.


KARACHI: Showbiz artists have raised the issue of rape, torture and then murder of 5-year-old girl Marwa in Karachi. And demanded from Prime Minister Imran Khan to enforce the law of public execution of accuse in the country.

Two days ago, the body of a minor girl was find in an empty plot near Isa Nagri area of ​​Karachi. The autopsy report later confirm that the girl has abused.

The incident of such brutal treatment and brutal murder of little Marwa. Once again caught everyone’s eye. Showbiz artists have also raise their voices for Nanhi Marwa, demanding that the Prime Minister enact a law to publicly execute those accusors. For abusing and killing children so that those accused of abusing children can learn a lesson.

Actress Sana Javed share a picture of little Marwa. And express her grief saying that another 5 year old innocent girl was wronged. Such incidents will not stop until a public decision is made to execute the perpetrators of child abuse in Pakistan.

Actress Armeena Khan also share a smiling photo of little Marwa and wrote that the girl was kill after being rape. I have the picture of the burnt body of the girl and this scene is horrible. When will it all end?

Asim Azhar, in a very angry tone, satirize the authority and said that they do one thing and ban everyone. But it is not enough to hang these accussor.

Asim Azhar further wrote that like Marwa and with how many little fairies we will wake up after these accidents?. He apologize to Marwa and said, “Excuse us, Marwa, because there is more tension here as to who is getting dressed, how is getting married.” And who is suuni and who is shia. The thing which is missing here is only the humanity.

Actress Ushna Shah also took to Instagram to express her grief over the cruelty and abuse meet out to Nanhi Marwa.

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