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Mathira gives unique advice to married women


Actress and model Mathira has given unique advice to married women.

Actress Mathira along with her sister Rose recently participated in Ahsan Khan’s show “Time Out with Ahsan Khan”. Where the two sisters chatted a lot with Ahsan Khan.


Mathira, in response to a question about having plastic surgery during the show. She said that he had not undergone any plastic surgery.

At one point in the show, She said that she had her ex-husband’s name tattooed on her hand. Which did not disappear.


Mathira advised other women, including married women. To never get their husband’s or partner’s name tattooed. Because the partner or husband gets away but the tattoo does not go away and then there is a loss. Mathira revealed that he has 40 tattoos on his body.


During the show, Mathira’s sister Rose Mohammad spoke about the discrimination against people in the showbiz industry. She said that actors who are more blonde are preferred.

If you want to cast an actor in a darker color. You should cast a darker actor and not a white actor with make-up.

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