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Mauka Mauka to return before the World Cup


Traditional rivals Pakistan and India will meet in the T20 World Cup on October 24 and before each clash, this time too, there is talk on social media of the popular advertisement ‘mauka mauka’ by the Indian channel ‘Star Sports’.

Mauka Mauka

The advertisement shows a man wearing a Pakistani team shirt entering a shop to buy a TV and telling a Sikh salesman that the ICC World T20 Cup is coming. Show a big TV.

Mauka Mauka

Every person wearing a Pakistani shirt says, “This time Babar and Rizwan will hit sixes from Dubai that will shatter the glass of Delhi.”
“We will seize the mauka.”

The salesman then gives him two TVs to watch the match and says, “You have lost five times to us in the T20 World Cup.

Mauka Mauka

Giving two TVs, the salesman says, “Buy one, break one free.”

But this time, Pakistani social media users are once again hoping that “this is our chance.”

Mauka Mauka

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