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Mawra Hocane from Pakistan who has made her film debut via the Bollywood movie Sanam Teri Kasam is on the lookout for a place to live in the bustling and crowded Mumbai.

In this connection she shared “I have been living in a hotel for the past year and I am tired of it. I want my own space. I have been house-hunting in Mumbai for some time now. I should zero in on one in the next few days,” Mawra told the media.

This 22-year-old actress who has already made a name in Pakistan, travels often between Karachi and Mumbai in order to fulfill her work commitments, also stated, “My routine is similar to that of a nomad. But I crave for the comforts enjoyed by a normal girl. In fact, while shooting for my debut film, Sanam Teri Kasam, I turned my vanity van into my room.”

Mawra seems to like India much and she was outspoken about the love and respect that has come her way in India.

I am happy with the variety of work I’m getting here, and the mix of people I have met,” she added. Regarding the leading actresses of India, she has begun to admire Priyanka Chopra immensely.

I feel that my career mirrors hers. She is working in the US and in India while I shuttle between Pakistan and India. I cherish the feedback I have received from her on Twitter,” said Mawra.

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