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Mawra Hussain pays tribute to Doctors and Medical staff


Leading actress Mawra Hussain wore a white dress and expressed solidarity with medical staff from around the world.

Mawra Hussain, a prominent actress from Pakistan Showbiz Industry, shared some of her photos on Instagram with the photo and video sharing app, in which she is wearing a white dress.

“I always wear a white shirt for Friday prayers,” Maura Hussein wrote in the caption of his post.

The actress wrote, “I am wearing a special white dress today so that I can unite with all the medical staff around the world who are fighting for us on the front line in the battle of the Corona virus.”

She also wrote: “Pray for your loved ones and for everyone. We will see you again.”

Mawra Hussain also used some hashtags in his post caption: #JummaMubarak #Covid19 and #PakistanFightsCorona.

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