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Mawra Hussain loses weight during Quarantine.


Actress Maura Hussain has lost a lot of weight during the lockdown.

Many people complain of weight gain in the lockdown caused by the Corona epidemic. Actress Mawra Hussain has lost a lot of weight. In this regard, Mawra Hussain posted a recent photo of herself. On social media with the hashtag Thank You Quarantine.

Some are criticizing Mawra on social media for her outrageous weight. Associating her with former Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Chief Minister Pervez Khattak, Some are making negative comments on her physical features.

Mahnoor tweeted in favor of Maura from her Twitter account. She said we should stop making fun of Mawra because of her weight. Those who judge artists and other people for no reason destroy the mental health of the person in front of them. Look, she is thin, look, she is fat. Stop criticizing any woman because of her appearance. Because it’s not funny to make fun of someone because of their appearance.

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