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“Sabaat” Mawra Talks About Her Drama.


Mawra Hocane talk about her drama Sabaat. That how this drama has impact in their life.

About Drama

Sabaat is the drama write by Kashif Anwar. And directed by Shahzad Kashmiri. Produced by Momina Duraid. The main cast includes Mawra Hocane, Usman Mukhtar, Sarah Khan and Ameer Gillani.

About Anaya Aziz (Mawra Hocane).

Anaya Aziz(mawra hocane) is an ambitious,strong-headed, aspiring girl and women right activist studying at same university as of Hassan’s. She and Hassan clashes. When she defeats him in model competition to which Hassan insults her in response.

She taunts Hasan about him being dependent on his father for everything when he himself is nothing. Hasan is deeply move by her words and starts to make money through online jobs. And began to travel in public transport. He starts liking Anaya because of her different and independent thinking.

Mawra talk about. How drama has impact an her life.

Mawra says this is the drama. Which mainly reflects our society. Mawra says Sabaat is one of the most special projects of her life. As the feedback has been much more than her expectations.

Mawra’s character in Sabaat is of a shy yet fearless girl. In an interview Mawra described her character as, Anaya is loving. But not very forgiving because of her clear distinctions of right and wrong. These are some of her traits. She has imbibed while playing the character. Her character is patient Yet courageous as she is fierce when it comes to her family.

Being a part of Sabaat has a very fulfilling and experience for Mawra. This was just what she needed at this stage of her career. The character has impacted her hugely. On a personal level as she is ready to face the world. So she is hoping that it will impact the viewers as well. She believes that women are the most strong and are home makers. Mawra feels like a totally different person after playing Anaya.

Our society discourages boy’s going for seperate homes. They threaten their children. Which Mawra thinks is wrong if certain situation has arise a man should able to stand on his own feet.

Here is the interview:

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