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Maya Ali on Lock Down in Pakistan


Leading actress Maya Ali says she is confident that. Soon all the Muslims will gather together and pray again at the mosque.

Last night, Maya Ali, a prominent actress from Pakistan Showbiz Industry. Shared a photo of herself on the photo and video sharing app Instagram. are present.

Maya Ali wrote in her caption of the post that. “This picture was made a few days ago when all the Muslims were praying together in the mosque.”

The actress wrote, “I am sure that Insha’Allah will return very soon to this day when all Muslims will come together and pray.”

He wrote: ‘Hope for Allah and do not panic; if the time is not the same then the time of Allah will not be so.’

Maya Ali wrote, “This is a time when we, as a nation, need to become one and follow the government-established orders.”

The actress further wrote, ‘Please stay in your homes for the sake of your health and the lives of others.’

It should be noted that to prevent the spread of the Corona virus, the government of Pakistan has also banned prayers in mosques across the country.

On the other hand, 892 People infected by Corona Virus in Pakistan.

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