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Maya Ali reveals the truth about her scandals


Maya Ali talking about her scandals that “People created a lot of scandals of mine with co-actor when I was working with him.

Maya Ali

Recently, actress Maya Ali participated in Time Out with Ahsan Khan. Meanwhile, Ahsan Khan asked Maya about the scandals that have cropped up during her drama career.

She says that “People created a lot of scandals of mine with Osman Khalid Butt when I was working with him previously and now with Sheheryar Munawar.”

Maya Ali

The actress said that it means that I am a very good actress because whoever I work with, people like my chemistry with this hero so much that everyone seems to feel the reality.

Maya Ali

About Maya Ali:

Maya is a Pakistani actress. Noted for her roles in both dramas and big-budget films, Maya has been ranked among the most popular actresses.

Maya Ali

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