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Maya Ali tells the colour therapy to her fans


The leading actress of Pakistani film and drama industry Maya Ali informed her fans about the best therapy done in quarantine.

Leading Pakistani actress Maya Ali shared a special post for her fans on the photo and video-sharing app Instagram yesterday.

May Ali shared a picture of colour therapy which is very useful for people suffering from depression and inferiority complex.

The actress shared this photo on Instagram. She wrote that she had heard about this therapy many times but never got a chance to try it.

“This quarantine has given me new things. I never thought I would do and now I am doing this therapy,” she wrote.

This post of the actress is being liked by the fans and the fans are commenting and asking Maya Ali for more information about this therapy.

Remember that earlier Maya Ali had given a meaningful message to her fans in which she said that no matter how many difficulties you face in life, you should never give up because the person who gives up is a human being.

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