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Maya Ali’s immense Love towards her mother.


Maya Ali’s the adorable actress and the most alluring face in the showbiz industry. She is the most amazing and skilled actress. Who therefore needs no introduction. She has receive several awards for the best actress and many more for her talent. However she through her great acting and personality wins the heart of many people. This is the reason behind that she gains immense love, popularity and fame in such a short span of time.

Maya Ali

Maya Ali has such a strong bonding relation with her mother. After the death of her father. She always serve her mother through every difficult circumstances. Therefore she is a support system for her mother after the death of her father.

Maya Ali

Recently Maya Ali shares a pictures with her mother on the Instagram. And shows immense love and gratitude towards her.

Maya Ali Instagram Post:

Maya Ali’s wrote a heartfelt caption saying: “My jan, my life, my strength. I wish I could find the words to write about you Amma. I hope I have been able to be a good daughter. Therefore I wish I could give you every single moment of peace. With you, I exist, and without you I am nothing. If I have achieve any thing in life so far, it’s all just because of your prayers. I am sorry if I don’t pick up your call when I am at a shoot, I am sorry if I don’t give you proper time. As you have sacrificed your life to raise your kids. Amma I wish I could give you even 1% of what you have done. ALLAH app ka saya hum pe hamesha salamat rakhey Ameen. Love you my superwoman”.

Maya is a radiant sight in this beautiful velvet outfit by Faiza Saqlain. The pictures are really heart touching. And beautifully shooed which is clearly showing the love between mother and the daughter.

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