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Maya’s Opens about her Fight With Mental Health.


Maya is a stunning Pakistani actress, Model, Video jockey and a host. Who started her career in 2011. And today Maya’s is one of the most accomplished and loved actresses of the Showbiz industry. She is a VJ turn actress who doesn’t belong to any artistic background. It’s a saying that hard work really pays off which she has proved over these years. Soon after completing her education she stepped into the Showbiz as a VJ. She is unmarry and is rumor to have in a relationship with Shehryar Munawar.

When we look around our celebrities we admire their beautiful clothes. Their makeup and their dressing. But deeply we don’t know about them. No one is living a perfect life everyone is facing issues in their lives. And Maya Ali addressed one such issue in her latest interview with Mira Sethi.

Talking about the anxiety and depression Maya’s said: “I remember my exams were close and I was studying. Then I went to get a glass of water after that I was not in my senses. When I woke up I was in the hospital. I asked my mother to go home as I had to study, she told me that I have been in the hospital for two and a half days. It was very different for me, being 16 years girl I couldn’t understand anything. I came home and presume that I am fine. Slowly I start feeling changes in my body”.

“When I started my graduation, the doctor used to give me a medicine that I have to put beneath my tongue. Because I used to have extremely bad fits. My treatment starts”.

Then Maya talking about her family added: “If someone ask my family, what has happened to her. They used to say nothing she is just not feeling well. When we had to go somewhere, my parents used to say me to put my medicine under my tongue, and not to do something there. Therefore I always used to say that I am not doing anything intentionally, it happens to me”.

“I was in class 10 when I saw a panel of doctors on TV talking about the symptoms of depression and anxiety. Therefore I went to my mother and told her that I have all these symptoms they are telling on Tv. My mother asked me to turn off the Tv and to study”.

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