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Meena Shorey passed away 31 years from her fans


The actress is celebrating her 31st anniversary today. Meena Shorey real name was Khurshid Jahan and she was born in 1921 in Raiwind.

His film career began in Sohrab Modi’s movie Alexander in Bombay. After the success of the film, the gates of the film industry opened for Mina Shuri.

His other films made at that time will be reunited, stone merchants, away from the city, Pitt Loss, Chaman and a Thai girl.

One of the girls said the song ‘Lara Lapa’ because of a song being filmed on him.

After the establishment of Pakistan, he first settled in Karachi and then in Lahore.

His famous films include Surfrush, Jaga, Jamalu, Big Man, The World of Stars, Florist, Baby Jamura, Bahropia, The Last Sign, Gulshan, Three and Three, Flowers and Thorns, Musicians, Be Silent, Guest and Mujahid.

In 1989, Hassan Wajmal died of a deadly disease such as cancer, the most appropriate ‘Lara Lappa Girl’ cancer-like character.

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