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Meenu of Chupke Chupke in real life


Saima Akram, the writer of the most well-known drama Suno Chanda. Chupke Chupke and Ishq Jalebi as of late gave a definite meeting to Something Haute. Where she discussed the most advertised show these days which is “Chupke Chupke”. While discussing the principal and most loved character of the drama “Meenu”. Saima shared that Meenu is enlivened by a genuine character which is Misbah Nausheen the writer.

Ayeza Khan

She also said that Misbah is her best friend and she is a real-life Meenu. She wasn’t interested in studies at all and always wanted to get married. Meenu’s punch line “Ashkay Bai Ashkay” is also inspired by Misbah.

Ayeza Khan

She also said that the way Meenu dances and throws banters is exactly like Misbah Nausheen. Talking about those who age shammed Ayeza said that maturity has nothing to do with age.

Ayeza Khan

For those who don’t know Misbah Nausheen has also written scripts of the most famous dramas including Ishq Tamasha, Ramz-e-Ishq, Meher Posh, and plenty of others.

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