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This is not the first time that Meera is now acting on her own instants to stay in the news and limelight.

While appearing on the TV morning show of Nadia khan on GEO TV, Meera was definitely in her showy elements and managed to create much drama that she is known for.

The tantrums started as soon as she arrived at the studio. Rather than coming out of the Car in normal manner she kept on repeating “YE MAIN KAHAN AGAI HON MUJHY TOU KISI OR SHOOT PER JANA THA”. Seeing her condition even her manager Sohail chose to move back and disappeared.

When Nadia Khan’s producer went to talk to the actress, apparently Meera attacked her and even injured her! More surprisingly, Meera’s manager has apparently quit, saying he does not want to work with such an actress.

When questioned about Meera’s Action and why he ran off, the manager Mr. Sohail stated, “She always likes doing such dramas, she already knew we were going to NKS & now suddenly she’s asking why are we here? She always embarrasses me.

The reason for Meera’s sudden anger fit is unknown, but Nadia Khan continued her show without the actress. Nadia’s body language & face completely reflected about Meera’s behavior. Meera then came onto the set and locked herself up in Nadia Khan’s makeup room & she kept on saying “Meri Sari Lay kay aao Meri Car Say.


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