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Meera battles dengue machars in upcoming music video

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Have no fear, Meera is here! Thankfully this time she’s not proposing Imran Khan— she’s also not on the lookout for a husband rather the celebrity is going to combat dengue — a fatal disease caused by mosquito bite.

Featuring in the song ‘Dengue Mainu Larr Gai Hai’ sung by singer Tahir Tafu, Meera’s new venture aims to raise awareness about dengue and reduce the spectre of fear surrounding the deadly dengue mosquito.

In the video Meera sways and pouts to the beat, wearing a white coat not dissimilar to a doctor’s getup.

The song is sung in Punjabi and there’s a bit of rap in there as well.

Speaking about the song, the singer Tafu offered up this slightly contradictory take:

“It has trend-set music which will appeal the younger audience. I think this will be the first song in Pakistan and India alike which is commercial yet gives a message as well that life and death are with Allah not with dengue.”

For the past few years the sweltering summers have proved deadly because of the dengue mosquitos that breed in damp places. Only last year more than athousand cases were reported in Punjab, with some succumbing to the fatal fever.

Meera has also been involved in other social campaigns and is currently working on a charity based hospital in the memory of her mother, Shafqat.

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