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Meera eating Karachi’s ”Nali Biryani”


A video of actress Meera praising ‘Nali Biryani’ is going viral on social media.

Meera G Has Been A Part Of The Headlines Day After Day. For Her English Speaking Style Or The Issue Of Weddings. But This Time The Reason For The Actress’s Social Media Buzz Is Something Else.

A video of the actress has been making headlines on social media. In which she can be seen eating ‘Nali Biryani’. In which she is sitting with the hotel owner and eating biryani. To eat this biryani. Meera turned to the famous Ghosia Nali Biryani of Liaquatabad area of Karachi. Which is also widely discussed in other cities of the country including Karachi.

The actress was seen doing a lot of praise for Biryani. She said, “I have not eaten so many delicious biryanis in my life, it’s fun, it’s great”.


On this occasion, the citizens in the hotel were pleasantly surprised to see Miraji and also posed for pictures with him. However, this time the actress twisted the leg of Urdu instead of English. Social media users took Meeraji to task for not correctly pronouncing the word ‘Badad Di Biryani’ and also advised her to learn to pay correctly.

When meera G called Biryani, social media users said, “Meera ji used to break the legs of English and now he did not even give urdu.” However, the video was well received by many users and they also expressed their desire to eat The Nali Biryani of Karachi.

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