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Meera’s latest Instagram picture shock everyone.


Meera recently posted a picture on her Instagram. And Meera’s picture put everyone in shock. The picture is of Meera in which she seems like sleeping on the bed. And receive a cake and bouquet of roses.

Therefore she is a legendary actress. Who has always been a controversial figure and has now gain attention for one or another scandal.

Her picture shock the social media users. And her comment section is fill with the hate comments. People start calling out Meera for posting such picture. They couldn’t handle their anger towards her. Here we have gather the comments.

Many people mock the picture. And they say that Meera has just taken this picture from internet to seek attention from the people. They call it a fake picture. And claim that it is usually taken from the internet.

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For enlightened readers:

Meera is a bold, fearless and amazing Pakistani actress, model, producer, and philanthropist. She is referred to as a controversy queen who always stays in the limelight. Sometimes for her statement and sometimes for her personal life. Meera is the stage name that is given to her by the industry and since then she is known as Meera Ji. Despite so many years in the industry. Therefore she is still one of the versatile actresses who can’t be ignored whenever comes to the screen. She has done unlimited Lollywood films and a few Bollywood films in her career.

Meera started her acting career by appearing in a Lollywood film ‘Kanta’ in 1995. However, the film that gave her a huge recognition is ‘Khilona’ that proved to be a turning point in Meera’s career. Later Meera appeared in numerous films with amazing Pakistani actors.

In 2019 Meera beautifully portrayed a character of Shameera in the film ‘Baaji’ that collected more than 11 crores at the box office. She is currently working in various other films.

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