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Pakistani singer who died before coming to the US for treatment?


KARACHI: Seven years have passed since Pakistan’s celebrated singer Mehnaz Begum passed away from her fans. But her songs are still pouring into everyone’s ears.

Mehnaz Begum was born in Karachi in 1958. His real name was Kaniz Fatima. But his teacher gave him the name of Mehnaz Begum. Which she not only kept with him till the last day of his life but also identified with this name.

Mehnaz Begum debuted with the national anthem in Pakistan Television and then offered to work in the film world which he had previously made.

From the film reality, Mehnaz Begum debuted in showbiz and then she became the most popular voice in the film world. He has sung in more than 500 songs for more than three films during his career.

The Government of Pakistan awarded him the Medal of Honor in recognition of the singer’s services while she was the only singer to win the Nigar Award for seven years. He has received consistent awards from 1977 to 1983 which is a unique honor.

Mehnaz also nominated two Nationals, 7 Graduates, a PTV Award.

Mehnaz succumbed to blood pressure and lungs and was going to the United States for treatment on January 19, 2013, during which time her flight deteriorated and her flight landed in Bahrain but she could not recover. And they got rid of the bully.

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