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Mehnaz Begum’s Death Anniversary being observed.


Mehnaz begum’s Death Anniversary is being observed.

Renowned Pakistani singer Mehnaz Begum’s 6 death anniversary is being observed. She passed away from this world on 19 January 2013. She was born in 1958 in Karachi. Her real name was Kaneez Fatima. She was given the name of Mehnaz by her teacher Umrao Bundu Khan’s nephew Nazir. She received basic education of the music from.Mehdi Hassan’s elder brother Pandit Ghulam Qadir.However she also got its skill from her mother whose name was Kajjan Begum. Kajjan Begum encourage in this field and adise he to practice music daily. Mehnaz was introduced to public by Ameer Imam through a television program ‘nagma zar’  After that famous musician A. Hameed invited her to come to the showbiz world. So she started singing for cinema. Director Nazrul Islam’s film ‘Haqiqat’ was the first film for which she sang and soon became a famous and popular voice of that time. She sang more than five hundred songs. Mehnaz won Presidential award for good performance and also several other ones including Nigar  and PTV Awards. She was a busy and popular singer but was not enjoying good. health She had been suffering from lung infection and high blood pressure for a long time. On 19 January 2013 she was flying to U.S.A for getting medical treatment but while on her way, her condition became serious. The plane was landed in emergency in Bahrain and Mehnaz was taken  to hospital  but she could not recover and passed away.


Mehnaz Begum’s fame was due to her ghazal and playback singing in films. However she also used to sing other musical items. Her busy professional period was from 1972 to 2012. According to one website,she died at the age of 63 but some sources tell that she was 55-year old at the time of her death because her birth year was 1958.Most of the songs she sang were composed by Niaz Ahmad, Ustad Nazar-e-Hussain, Lal Muhammad Iqbal etc.Mehnaz mother Kajjan Begum used to sing marsia and similar poetry. Abu Turab Naqvi, a radio producer had convinced her parents that Mehnaz could sing marsia well with her mother but should also practice the other musical items also.

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