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Why is the world silent in the face of the aggression of Indian forces? The question of Mehwish Hayat


Pakistani actress Mehwish Hayat, who won the Medal of Distinction, while expressing concern over the barbarism in Indian-occupied Kashmir, asked why the world is silent in the face of Indian Army aggression.

On social networking site Twitter, the actress shared photos of the incident in Model Town area of ​​Sopore in Baramulla district of Occupied Kashmir in which a 3-year-old child was sitting on his grandfather’s body covered in blood and trying to wake him up.

She described the situation in Occupied Kashmir as a moment of reflection for the world and wrote that even if this incident did not shake you, I do not know what you are waiting for.

Commenting on the current situation in Occupied Kashmir, the actress wrote, “How can the world watch the spectacle in silence, and allow Indian forces to invade and barbarize innocent Kashmiris.”

“How long will we turn a blind eye to the truth? This barbarism needs to end because the lives of Kashmiris are also important,” she wrote.

It should be noted that state terrorism has been going on in occupied Kashmir for decades by the occupying Indian forces and the pictures and videos that came to light after the incident that took place yesterday shook the world.

There are some pictures on top of the current trend on social media in which a small, almost 3-year-old child is sitting on top of his grandfather’s body covered in blood and security personnel are standing next to him.

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