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Mehwish Hayat apeal to Imran Khan


Pakistan’s leading actress Mehwish Hayat has said that Pakistan is facing the biggest challenge right now. The world’s best health system also appears to be failing against the Corona virus.

Mehwish Hayat has said in a video message on social media that there are thousands of deaths from this global outbreak worldwide. No holidays in Pakistan, stay in urban houses and follow instructions. Our carelessness can endanger countless lives.

Mehwish added that Karachi has a population of 200 million and there are only 600 beds in ICU, while Pakistan has a population of 22 million and the number of ventilators in the country is 1700.

The actress added that doctors and medical staff in Pakistan are standing on the frontline and trying to save lives day and night, but sad doctors do not have protective equipment for themselves.

He appealed to the government to ensure that doctors had the right protective kits and equipment, and also requested the public to follow instructions and stay at home.

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