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Mehwish Hayat climbed the tree


Mehwish Hayat, a well-known actress and medalist of Pakistan film and TV industry, has gone viral on social media.

Recently, Mehwish shared a photo of himself on micro-blogging site Twitter in which the actress is sitting on a tree and enjoying the beautiful scenery of nature from a height.

With this photo shared on Twitter, Mehwish also released a message to his fans.

“If we consider the true nature of natural things, a green tree is far more magnificent than a tree made of gold and silver,” Mehwish said in a Twitter message.

Mehwish Hayat said, “Once a person falls in love with a tree, then he always has the same love for trees.”

Seeing the actress climb the tree, the Crown fans got upset and started asking her questions.

On the other hand, Mehwish Hayat also posted this photo of himself on the photo and video-sharing app Instagram.

Earlier, Mehwish Hayat shared a photo of herself on Twitter in which she was at the residence of the Ottoman sultans of Turkey, Topkapi, which is now one of Istanbul’s oldest tourist attractions as a museum.

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