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Mehwish Hayat Controversial Opinion About Pakistani Content


In Mehwish Hayat recent interview with Gulf News the actor courageously gave her strong opinions about running Pakistani content and her choices of choosing scripts.

Mehwish Hayat

Talking about Pakistani content’s absence on OTT platforms. The actor said that this is a very simple answer to the question. Pakistani content is just not good enough. She further said that the global audience is far more sophisticated. Pakistani content is too geared for the home market and such work doesn’t travel internationally. 

Mehwish Hayat

She said that there is no harm in making content for local market. But such content has zero potential of reaching international platforms. Mehwish also said, “It is worth noting that even the work from India. She has done well on OTT platforms is a far cry from their regular commercial cinema and TV dramas”

Mehwish Hayat

She said that It’s not that Pakistanis cannot do it, if a small country like Korea can top the Netflix global charts, why can’t Pakistan?. Mehwish Hayat also said that Pakistan needs to change its style of work. Pakistan needs to work on storytelling and work more professionally. Pakistan should get rid of the local market content at first in order to reach international market.

Mehwish Hayat

She also said that the main reason of her becoming picky about work is the kind of substandard content that is circulating in the market. She said that she didn’t find anything worth essaying after DilLagi which was aired in 2016.

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