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Mehwish Hayat exposes Tariq Fateh


KARACHI: Actress Mehwish Hayat lashed out at Tariq Fateh for sharing a wrong video. She saying that the clip was actually a scene from My movie ‘Load Wedding’.

According to details, Mehwish Hayat, a Pakistani actress and showbiz industry beauty. Who won a Sitar-a-imtiaz of the president. It has blamed Brahmin for sharing a wrong video on Tariq Fateh.

Tariq Fateh shared a video on social networking website Twitter. Which polio women workers are standing at the door of a house. A woman closes the door by refusing to give her children polio drops.

The Canadian journalist shared the clip. He saying that the Pakistani woman refused to give the children polio drops and closed the door on the mouth of the polio worker.

Tariq Fateh also wrote the words of the lady in the video: ‘I will never allow my children to drink these drops, my children will never drink these drops’.

Retweeting this tweet of Tariq Fateh, Mehwish Hayat exposed the anti-Pakistan lie of Tariq Fateh.

Mehwish Hayat wrote that this video clip is actually a scene of my movie ‘Load Wedding’ in which I played the role of a polio worker.

The actress expressed her disappointment, saying that please confirm before sharing anything.

Mehwish Hayat, a goodwill ambassador for girls’ rights, said that the woman who plays the mother of the children in the video is also an actress.

“Through the film, we have tried to raise public awareness on this issue,” the actress said.

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