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Mehwish Hayat interview to BBC world


Karachi: Actress Mehwish Hayat says both actresses and actors in the showbiz industry should receive the same compensation.

Mehwish Hayat shares some highlights of his interview to BBC World on his Instagram account in which he looks at the film industry, the role played in films, and social issues.

Mehwish says that he did such roles in films that were against the stereotypes prevalent in the society. He said that both actresses and actresses in the film industry should get equal compensation so that they get the same respect.

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Talking about social media, Mehwish said that if social media is used properly, it can be very helpful. In the end, he said, believe in yourself.

Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie is the executive producer of BBC World’s show “BBC My World”. Mehwish revealed in an Instagram message that the show is Angelina Jolie’s first show as producer. He also praised the show’s main idea and said that the show will be aired soon.

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