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Mehwish Hayat is eager to go to Madina again


Pakistani film and television actress and showbiz personality Mehwish Hayat shared a memorable photo of her visit to Roza Rasool.

She shared a photo of himself with his family on his Instagram account near the Dome of the Rock in the precincts of the Prophet’s Mosque.

Mehwish Hayat wrote a poem in his message which reads:

ے مدینے کے زائر خدا کے لیے، داستانِ سفر مجھکو یوں مت سنا

بات بڑھ جائے گی ، دل تڑپ جاۓ گا، میرے مُحتاط آنسو چھلک جائیں گے

She added that she could not wait to see these sacred and blessed moments with her family again.

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