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Use of inappropriate words in the Parliament House


Renowned actress and medalist Mehwish Hayat has expressed gratitude at the use of inappropriate words in the House.

Inappropriate words were used by the Pakistan People’s Party leader Abdul Qadir Patel in the House yesterday, whose video went viral on social media, after which he was being criticized by social media users.

In this regard, prominent actress and medalist Imtiaz Mahesh Hayat of Pakistan Showbiz industry posted a message on social networking site Twitter yesterday saying, ‘It is surprising to see that our politicians attack each other personally. That is wrong and it is unacceptable anywhere. 

Mahesh Hayat wrote that ‘a level is needed to maintain the sanctity of the Parliament and there may be better ways to present its problems in the House.’

The actress wrote that ‘it is necessary to censor it for appropriate steps in the future.’

On the other hand, the Supreme Court Bar Association Syed Qalb Hassan and Vice Chairman Punjab Bar Council Abid Saqi expressed concern over the inappropriate sentences and harsh behavior of the members in the parliament.

He said in his statement that Parliament is a platform to discuss national issues and find solutions. The younger generation views elected representatives as their leaders and learns to adopt a lifestyle.

He said that Parliament is not a place where fellow members can be abused or mistreated. The solution to our problems lies in patiently listening to others and having healthy discussions within Parliament.

It is to be noted that PPP leader Abdul Qadir Patel used inappropriate words and phrases during the conversation with the Speaker at the National Assembly meeting in the House and other members of the meeting to which the Speaker also warned the PPP leader.

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