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Karachi airport repaired on deadly sign by Mehwish Hayat


The prominent actress and medalist Mehwish Hayat from Pakistan Showbiz Industry. Shared a photo of the ongoing repair work at Karachi Airport on social networking site Twitter.

Mewhesh Hayat wrote. “Today I went to Karachi airport and I am very happy to see that repair work. It has started in the rooms allotted to women and gentlemen.”

He wrote: ‘I thank the authorities who listened to my request and acted on it.’

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The actress wrote that ‘Airport first affects the foreigners coming to our country, they should be good’.

Remember that Mahesh Hayat had tweeted on Twitter about the mess of women allotted room at Karachi airport. 

He wrote that ‘unfortunately, the Karachi airport agreed to use the allotment room for women, which was extremely dirty and smelly.’

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