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Pray for the people affected by coronary artery disease


KARACHI: Medalist Pakistani actress Mehwish Hayat prayed for the early recovery of people affected by the Corona virus.

On social networking site Twitter. Mehwish Hayat shared his mask photo and wrote. ‘I am not impressing anyone by becoming a superhero, but I am trying to take precautions while traveling’.

“We have to stand with China in this difficult time and I hope we can overcome this disease as babies in airports at the moment,” Mehwish Hayat said while praying for the early recovery of those affected by the Corona virus. Are afraid too. ‘

It should be remembered that the deadly virus in the Chinese city of Wuhang has engulfed the entire world and so far more than 500 people have been killed by the Corona virus, while thousands of cases have been reported in various countries including China.

However, All countries, including Pakistan, have begun screening travelers from China or abroad to ensure the prevention of the Krona virus.

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