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Mehwish Hayat reacts to Indian media allegations.


About Mehwish Hayat

Mehwish Hayat is a Pakistani film actress. Who is known for her roles in Load Wedding, Punjab Nahi Jaungi and Actor in Law. She was honour by the Government of Pakistan with the Tamgha-e-Imtiaz in 2019.

So she later won the Lux Style Awards for Best television Actress.Because for her portrayal of a strong headed in Kashif Nisar’s acclaim series Kami Reh Gayi.

Hayat was born on 6 January 1983 in Karachi. Her mother, Rukhsar Hayat, is a popular television actress. During the 1980s, her eldest brother Zeeshan is a singer-composer. While her older sister, Afsheen, is a singer as well. Another older brother, Danish Hayat is an actor. And, through him, she’s sister-in-law of Faiza Ashfaq is a model.

Rumors of Relationship with Dawood Ibrahim.

Mehwish Hayat on Wednesday took Twitter to react to allegations. Being level against her by the Indian media. Mehwish Hayat has been rumour to be in a relationship with India’s most wanted terrorist Dawood Ibrahim. Who is the mastermind behind Mumbai blasts.

Dawood Ibrahim currently lives in Karachi and he is in relationship with actress Mehwish Hayat. Furthermore, according to Indian media, Mehwish Hayat is the biggest weakness of the gangster.

Mehwish Hayat come forward to respond to these allegations made by Indian media.

Mehwish says: “I will not give credence to the unfounded accusations being made about me in some Indian media by issuing a statement,” she said in a tweet”.

Further she said: “I know exactly what their agenda is & why they’re doing this. All I will say to them is that this kind of gutter journalism will not shut me up.”

In another tweet Mehwish said, “I will continue to highlight their atrocities in Kashmir and to call out Bollywood for its hypocrisy. And she say BTW next time if you want to link my name with someone .. May I suggest Leo Di Caprio?

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