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Mehwish Hayat response to criticism of Pakistani cinema


Renowned actress and medalist Mehwish Hayat responded to a Twitter user who criticized Pakistani cinema.

In the last National Assembly session, the resolution regarding the general hanging of child abuse suspects was approved by majority opinion after prominent actress and medalist from Pakistan showbiz industry Imtiaz Mehwish Hayat took to social networking site Twitter. Tweeting in support of this resolution.

Mehwish Hayat wrote in his tweet: “It is strange that there are incidents of abuse and murder of children. We demand the government to publicly execute the suspects and when the government approves a resolution on the general execution, we Human rights abuses. ”

The actress wrote that “unfortunately, we need strong determination to stop such acts in society.”

A user named Shah Khalid wrote on this tweet of Mehwish Hayat, “People like you work to seduce rape victims into their cause.”

The user wrote, “However, we need to seriously think about what content is reaching young people through our media, internet, mobile and cinemas.”

On this Twitter user’s Twitter account, Mehwish did not remain silent and he replied to Shah Khalid, “How many times Pakistani films and actresses are blamed for their crimes and when their statements are recorded by the accused. Then they use pornographic websites in their statement. ‘

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