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Mehwish Hayat snaps back at Aamir Liaquat


Trolls aren’t new to actor Mehwish Hayat, particularly after she was honoured with the Tamgha e Imtiaz last year.

But she doesn’t let them take a toll on her and knows how to handle the chaos with dignity.

Recently resident troublemaker Aamir Liaquat, who stirs controversy every now and then, took a dig at Mehwish for condemning the US strike that killed Iranian military commander Qassem Soleimani in Iraq.

Mehwish had tweeted that this happens when “leader of the free world takes unilateral decisions without regard for international laws”.

Responding to her tweet, Aamir Liaquat noted, “Receiving a Tamgha-e-Imtiaz doesn’t mean that the ‘item girl’ can pass such statements; she should align with Pakistan’s policy.

If Qassem Soleimani was alive, would he have invited her to perform in Iran?”

This undignified question rightly didn’t go down well with Mehwish, who asked Aamir to “Man up!”

She tweeted, “This ‘item girl’ is exercising her democratic right to have an opinion whereas you keep stooping to making personal jibes and nothing more.

Man up! BTW whatever happened to the case you were filing against me for Load Wedding? I have been waiting with bated breath.”

Earlier on, Aamir Liaquat criticized Mehwish Hayat and Fahad Mustafa for Load Wedding and said he would be taking legal action against the film for defaming him.

It looks like criticizing Mehwish has become a hobby for Aamir Liaquat, who never misses a chance to make unnecessary and/or derogatory remarks.

Maybe this is another way he’s decided he can stay in the news.

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