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Amir Liaquat called Mahish Hayat an item girl


Aamir Liaquat posted a sexist remark for Mehwish Hayat. Then start Mehwish Hayat vs Amir Liaquat calling her an ‘item girl’ and telling her to refrain from giving ‘irrelevant comments’ on political issues. Mehwish got back at him telling him to stop making personal jibes at her every time.

Pakistani actress Mehwish Hayat’s recent tweet condemning the killing of Iranian leader Qasem Soleimani. She was met with a sexist remark by host/politician Aamir Liaquat. However, the actress did not hold back from snapping back at him.

In reply to her comment. Aamir posted a sexist remark on Mehwish, calling her an ‘item girl’. While also telling her to refrain herself from giving irrelevant comments on political issues.

Mehwish got back at him saying that this ‘item girl’ is exercising her ‘democratic right’ to have an opinion while he keeps ‘stooping low’ by making personal jibes at her. Mehwish also reminded him that she is still waiting for him to file a case against her on her last film ‘Load Wedding’.

In March last year, Mehwish Hayat vs Amir Liaquat had claimed that her movie ‘Load Wedding’ is based on his life where the makers have defamed and wrongly portraying him without his consent.

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