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Mian Kashif Zameer fraud with Engin Altan(Ertugrul)


Who is Engin Altan Duzyatan?

Engin Altan Duzyatan was born on 26 July 1979. He is a Turkish actor. His best role is known as Ertugrul in the whole world. He starts doing acting in his high school days. Then he studied “theatre” at the University of Turkey and moved to Istanbul where he started doing professional acting.

Who is Mian kashif Zameer?

Mian Kashif Zameer is the youth chairman of justice law wing of all Pakistan. He belongs from Pakistan’s most richest 14th families. His family is owner of Chenab, Chaudhry group of industries and chen one group of shopping malls. Mian Zameer kashif belongs from political family but he is most famous in most famous celebrities and politician of Pakistan. Mian Zameer Kashif has won the best businessman of the year award in 2012.

What were the Deal between Engin Altan and Mian Kashif?

The deal between them was to give 17 crores to Engin to be the Ambassador of their company. Engin accepted their offer. But the Kashif says that he will only give half of the amount to him and half of the amount he will give to him when he will come to Pakistan and do his job. Engin accepted the deal and came to Pakistan on 11th December 2020.

Press Conference of Engin Altan:

What gifts did Usman Buzdar gave to Engin Altan?

According to a statement by Buzdar, the actor was presented the “Chief Minister House Shield and traditional gifts”.They both are having a conversation. Both were wearing protective face masks while speaking. Both of them were following SOPs. Engin Altan arrived in Lahore for two days to see the historical places of Lahore and also to do the shoot for Kashif’s company.

Why did Mian Kashif zameer is arrested?

According to local media reports, Mian Kashif Zameer is arrested because he threatens a reporter for a private TV channel while his security guards are also in the custody. Mian Kashif Zameer is arrested at the “Ghalib Market Police Station”

There is a video in which he is giving message to Media:

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