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Mike Tyson Lands An Amazing New Role

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Mike Tyson is getting animated for a bizarre new adult cartoon series in which he solves crimes.

Mike Tyson Mysteries in which the boxer’s cartoon self solves crimes with the help of a talking pigeon and a ghost has been picked up by executives at Warner Bros. Studios and will debut on Adult Swim later this year. Tyson says, “They actually approached my wife Kiki and she told me about it. It was crazy from the beginning. “She said, ‘It’s on Adult Swim’ and I thought it was about old rich white guys learning how to swim hanging out at a lake or something. But then she told me, ‘It’s a cartoon for grown ups. You can curse. You can be yourself’.”

In the premiere Tyson and his pals track down the ‘missing’ author Cormac McCarthy.

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