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Minal Khan criticized for sitting close to Hasnain Lehri.


Minal Khan is a top actress and model who became subject of dispute for her photo shoot. She appear in dramas.She is one of the popular TV actress. She is sister of Aiman Khan. Who married to Muneeb Butt recently. And blessed with a baby girl.

Minal is criticized by her fans for sitting close to male model. Further

She did photo shoot for Borjan’s shoes and bag line. Along with top-model Hasnain Lehri.

Minal looked amazing in white attire and a classy brown handbag. Her makeup was done by Shazia Rashid. The man behind taking all these gorgeous pictures is Shahbaz Shazi.

She became subject of dispute. Due to sitting too close to Hasnain Lehri in several photos. People criticized her badly.

However, Minal didn’t respond. She remains silent in the whole dispute.

In a recent interview with Asim Jofa. She talked about receiving negative comments from people for sitting too close to Hasnain Lehri. And wearing short clothes.

Minal Khan said, It was actually a shoot for the brand. It is a shoe campaign. It was my first experience with Hasnain Lehri.

He is very handsome. Very decent and makes you feel very comfortable during shoot. You don’t feel as if an actor and model are working together. So I felt very comfortable.”

“I receive negativity over it that I was sitting too close to him. People said all sort of shits that I was wearing short clothes,” Minal added.

She further said, People don’t see. It was a big campaign for me. It was really big for me. I don’t care about anyone. Whatever they say. I was happy. I am still happy. And yes, I did shoot. I didn’t feel like I did something wrong,” she added.

Watch out Minal complete interview:

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