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Minal Khan dream of travelling by road remained unfulfilled


The leading actress of Pakistan TV industry Minal Khan says that with the increase in petrol prices, her dream of travelling by road remained unfulfilled.

Reacting to the increase in petrol price. The actress also wrote on social networking site Twitter that she thought it was cheaper to travel from Lahore to Karachi by road.

The actress wrote that she got the news on her way back from Lahore that petrol prices have gone up.

It should be noted that as soon as the government announced the increase in the prices of petroleum products, ordinary social media users, including celebrities, were reacting on social media.

The people are criticizing the government for increasing the price of petrol, calling it the biggest increase in the history of the country.

Before Minal Khan, Fahad Mustafa, Aijaz Aslam and Veena Malik have also reacted to the sudden increase in petrol prices through social media messages.

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