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Minal Khan said: She can’t prove herself due to not getting good dramas.

If we don’t have good scripts, is it my fault? Minal Khan.

Karachi: Minal Khan TV actress says that she can’t prove herself talented due to the lack of presentation of good dramas.

In an interview, Minal complains that she wanted to work with every director. Because she did not want people to say that Minal only works in the dramas of one TV channel. She said that if other channels offer her to work and if the scripts are good then surely she will work.

The actress said that the truth is that I am not offered good scripts and projects. If I am not offered a good project or script then how I will able to prove that I can do a good job?

Asked to play the same role in every drama. Minal Khan said: “We are not offered with good scripts. So you think that it’s my fault”?. Further, she says: “I can’t even write a play or name a drama of my own choice”.

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