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Minar-e-Pakistan Incident Takes A Terrifying Turn


Minar-E-Pakistan Incident Takes A Terrifying Turn. Two or three days ago, Ayesha in an assertion before investigators. She had blamed Rambo and his associates for coercing and blackmail. She additionally considered Rambo’s assistants answerable for the harassment.

Ayesha and Rambo

In one more leaked audio, Rambo supposedly takes steps to share Ayesha’s cozy recordings and pictures with every one of his associates and partners. He gripes that he was demolished and says that he would destroy the lady as well. Ayesha argues him to halt from submitting such a demonstration.

Ayesha Akram

The Minar-e-Pakistan incident lately took another terrifying turn. When the audio clip of Ayesha and Rambo ‘discussing extortion from suspects’ surfaces. Police investigators have reportedly found an audio clip of the complainant of the Minar-e-Pakistan mob harassment case and her partner in producing social media content allegedly discussing the possibility of extorting money from the suspects arrested in the case.

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