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Model Ayyan Ali claimed she had

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Super-model Ayyan Ali told investigation team on Wednesday that she never intended to fly out of the country with the foreign currency discovered in her bag.

She claimed her brother, who was coming from Dubai on the same plane she planned to board, was meant to receive the money from her at the airport and they fly to Karachi with it.

Ayyan Ali, who has been languishing in Central Jail Adiala for trying to smuggle approximately $500,000 out of the country, was investigated for a second time by customs investigators.

Superintendant Zargam Dil, the head of the investigation team, visited Ayyan at Adiala Jail this morning. The team kept on questioning the model for about two hours.

Sources said that the super-model was asked a number of questions concerning the source of the money she was taking with her on when she was arrested. The team recorded her statements, in which she largely stuck to her first statement about the source of the money, stating she had sold five files for residential plots.

However, she claimed that she had no intention to fly out of the country with the money but intended to give it to her brother who was coming from Dubai. Her lawyer also claimed that she was waiting for her brother, outside the Rawal Lounge, with the bag containing the money and that her brother was coming from Dubai.

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