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Mohammad Ahmad share How to not become a writer?


Syed Mohammad Ahmad credited his name as Mohammad Ahmad. He is a Pakistani screenwriter, lyricist, actor and director. He is best know for Mystery TheaterBadtameezTum se Kehna thaShaista Shaista and many more. And also many other serials and telefilms such as KhamoshiGhoongat and Ramchand Pakistani. His appearance as Agha Jan in Suno Chanda was really praise by everyone. And now again he reprise his sequel in Suno Chanda 2.

Moreover he also write dialogue for Indian movie “Tere Bin Laden“. He has penned down several lyrics for television serials. In 2019, he receives nomination for Best Actor for Cake at 18th Lux Style Awards.

His body of work is a showcase of the storyteller’s art. The humor in his scripts is real. He never exaggerates the subject and uses real-life humor. One can see an undercurrent of social issues in his screenplays. But with the treatment, laced with humor. His performance in these serials is widely praised by viewers and critics.

Syed Mohammad Ahmad whenever play role in any drama it ended up with death. There is hardly any drama in which he is show surviving till the end.

In his interview he badly criticize our Pakistani writers in such atypical manner.

This video is full of witticism and pun in which Mohammad Ahmad is criticising our drama.

If you have a good storyline. It will be get rejected. So don’t ever think of a good storyline,” said Mohammad Ahmed.

“If you have an education of more than 6 grade, you cannot be a writer. If you have some rational approach you cannot be a writer. So if you know about the world and you know about people you cannot become a writer” be further said: “If you know about the psyche of women, don’t even try to become a writer because women in our dramas are mad. If you are a cook at any writer’s house, or you are a gardener there then you can become a writer because we have such examples”.

“If you have any sort of senses you can never become a drama writer in Pakistan, and if you still want to become a writer then cast me and kill my character in 4, 8, 12 or in 18 episode maximum, you will become a writer”.

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