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Mohsin Abbas Haider And Nazish Jahangir Get Arrest.


It has been report that FIA cyber crime wing has arrest actor-singer Mohsin Abbas Haider. And actress-model Nazish Jahangir in Karachi on Friday 21st August 2020.

As being report both Mohsin Abbas and Nazish Jahangir are interrogate over charges of blackmailing, harassment, fake pictures, and videos. After evidences being collect against both of them by the federal investigation agency.

About his Ex-Wife

Just a few days after his divorce from Fatima Sohail, controversial pictures of Mohsin Abbas Haider. With alleged beau Nazish Jehangir went viral on social media. The picture is the screenshot of the video chat between Haider and Jehangir in which both are wearing night suits.

As there already were rumors of Mohsin Abbas Haider cheating on his wife with Nazish Jahangir, this picture is confirming the rumors to some extent.

Fatima Sohail, Abbas’s former wife allege him of having extramarital affair with Nazish Jehangir. During her call to end the marriage with him. Both, Jehangir and Haider, had refute the allegations with the former calling herself a mutual friend of the couple. Mohsin Abbas retort to the accusations allege his former wife Fatima Sohail of having illicit relations with other males.

FIA taken against Mohsin and Nazish

FIA has taken action over the complaint filed by Mohsin Abbas Haider’s former wife Fatima Sohail who came up on media with severe and serious complains regarding her husband and his so-called girlfriend.

Lately Fatima Sohail in her complaint, has considered actor-singer Mohsin Abbas Haider and actress-model Nazish Jahangir responsible of harassing her on social media repeatedly since a year. People are putting forward negative comments under the post that this is what Mohsin and Nazish deserved at the end. 

Fatima Sohail also commented under the post with folded hands that is basically a gesture of hope and praising.

However, in any circumstances, violence and abuse are not justify or allow. This isn’t the first case and unfortunately will not be the last. Hopefully, the men who are mostly the inflictors, their time should be up.

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