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Knife-stabbed mother killed, leading actress arrested


WASHINGTON: Police arrested prominent Hollywood actress Molly Fitzgerald on charges of knife-wielding a mother.

According to details, the actress. Who played the role of Captain America in the first Hollywood Avenger movie. She has been detained by police for murdering her mother.

38 year old, Fitzgerald, was arrested by Kansas police Tuesday, local media reported.

Police have arrested the actress for second-degree murder. She could be released on bail after she submitted a $ 5 million bond.

Molly Fitzgerald is accused of killing her 68-year-old mother, Patricia T. Fitzgerald, with a knife.

Police spokesperson says the victim, Patricia, was found dead on December 20, 2019 in Olathe.

According to IMDB. Actress Molly Fitzgerald played the role of Stark Girl in Captain America. While she has also worked as a producer and director.

According to a US media report. The actress usually works in low-budget films such as ‘The Creeps’. A 2017 film in which she worked as a director and producer.

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