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Money Expenditure on Aiman and Muneeb Wedding


Wedding is such a great event which comes in every person life. It is the mutual bond and a strong relation between a boy and a girl. Every girl or boy dreams to have the best marriage and life partner as well. They want to spend as much money to have such a best marriage. So it would became the element of reminder in the history. It comes only once in the person life. And the ceremony is remember till then the whole life.

The most admiring and the beautiful couple Aiman and Muneeb. They both get married in 2018.

It is been two years. But still everyone is harking the background of their grand wedding ceremony. It all started with the dholkies. The grand wedding ceremony consist of 11 events in total. Following the Mayun, parties, Nikaah, dholkies, Mehndi, Baraat and finally walima in the end.

When the both get married. All of their fans and followers were super excited. As the both love birds are going to married. They were superb excited. But the prolonged wedding ceremony of tie knot frustrate the people.

The luxurious wedding of Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt where got a lot of love and prayers. But on the other hand people criticize the two a lot for wasting so much money on wedding. People suggest them to rather spend this money on something worthy enough.

Recently, during Hum Social Media Awards. Aiman Khan talked about the funniest rumor she have ever heard about herself. Therefore she said that it was the one that they spent 70 crore on their wedding. Aiman also share that they heard this rumor during their honeymoon. And was shock to hear this.

However, the actual amount of money that was spent on this luxurious wedding remain untold.

Watch out the video:

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