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Money issue behind Donita’s split with husband?


“It breaks my heart,” DJ Mo Twister commented on Donita Rose’s split with her non-showbiz husband Eric Villarama.

After 13 years of marriage, Donita confirmed their separation on her guesting in DJ Mo’s podcast ‘Good Times with Mo’ last July 12. Rumors of their split ignited once more after Eric posted a photo of him with another girl named Christine Miciano.

“You ask God “Why did it happen to me?” Yeah God, why the fuck did it happen to you? You have done everything kinda right. You have done your part. I know that,” the DJ said to console the teary-eyed Donita.

“I think you’ve done your part. I think you’ve done your part as a good wife, as a Christian role model for people who believe in that shit. I think you’ve done your share,” he added.

During the show, DJ Mo, who was also Donita’s good friend, hinted that financial issues might have also caused the marriage’s fall out.

“You were on top of the world at some point, do you think that the guy goes ‘Holy shit, I’m gonna date the hottest girl in the country, who’s making 10 mil per fucking ad, who’s got tv shows, who’s got these, got that.’ You were on top of the world at some point. And the moment all of that tends to go away because we all face a decline in this business, he’s gone,” DJ Mo asked.

Donita responded to the question: “I have thought about that as a possibility.”

The celebrity DJ also exposed during the podcast that Donita carried the financial burden throughout their 13-year-marriage, starting from the wedding which cost 80 thousand US dollars or almost four million pesos today.

“You aren’t just the hottest girl in the region, you also carry it financially for decades. He didn’t have a job. It was you. You carried the entire family with your money. And you’ve lived a good life. I’ve been to your house. It’s a nice place. I’ve seen your place in Singapore, it’s a nice condo. You’ve lived a good life, you’ve bought good shit, you went places,” DJ Mo shared.

Aside from appearing on several television shows and films during the height of her career in the late 1990s to the early 2000s, Donita was a VJ on MTV Asia and was also one of the few Filipinos who appeared on the cover of Time Magazine. On the other hand, according to DJ Mo, Eric quit his job after he started dating Donita.

“You spent that, your money. All of it. All those years. Everything,” he added.

Donita laughingly answered with a meek “Yes.”

“Four million, on your wedding. Only to see this, like this now. It’s kinda heartbreaking,” DJ Mo remarked.

(Photo source: Instagram – @realdonitarose / Screen grab from D5 Studio Youtube Account)

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